Actress, model, writer, animal lover, and certified holistic and raw foods nutritionist, Alise Marie is passionate about a plant-based lifestyle aligned with the cycles of the earth and the stars.  She invites you to enjoy its seductive pleasures, from luscious nibbles to timeless beauty potions and powerful herbal brews, embracing life with a wink and a smile...all in a pair of fetching vegan heels, naturally!


She works between New York and Los Angeles on both stage and screen, and hosts Luna Vita, a weekly show focused on a plant based lifestyle infused with practical magick, attuned to the cycles of the moon and stars.

Ms. Marie is a regular contributor to Enchanted Living Magazine, and has also appeared in Vegan Food and Living, Vegan Life, Savor Life, One Green Planet, and Beauty Food Recipes. She has also been a noted speaker at Vegfest UK.


Her column, The Beauty Witch, can be found every month online at Enchanted Living Magazine, as she puts the finishing touches on her first book, The Beauty Witch Grimoire, a cauldron full of secrets for enhancing your beauty from the inside out by living in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos, featuring sensual, powerful beauty potions and rituals.


Oh, and she can charm snakes, read Tarot, and mix a cocktail the likes of which like you've never experienced...              

About The Beauty Witch:

Alise Marie

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