Actress, model, writer, animal lover and certified holistic nutritionist, Alise Marie has been conjuring cruelty-free, plant-based beauty potions for over thirty years.  She has worked with resins, flowers, and herbs from all around the world, drawing from many different traditions – including Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, European folk healing, earth magick, and astrology -  to find the blends that work effectively for all beauty needs, skin, and hair types. She believes passionately in the power of nature, green beauty, and protecting our Mother Earth. She also believes ardently in the allure of the feminine mystique. In her work, she entwines glamour with the empirical to create the most potent potions for every age and cycle of life.


   Recently a noted speaker at Vegfest UK, Ms. Marie has been featured in Vegan Food and Living, Vegan Life, Savor Life, One Green Planet, and, in addition to hosting Luna Vita, a weekly show focused on beauty and wellness infused with magick, and attuned to the lunar and planetary cycles. She is a contributor to Enchanted Living magazine, which also presents her monthly online column, The Beauty Witch. As she puts the finishing touches on her first book, The Beauty Witch Grimoire, her work will be featured in The Unicorn Handbook (Harper Collins, June 2020.)


Ms. Marie resides in a secret lair nestled in the Catskill Mountains with her co-star and two beloved black cats.

About The Beauty Witch:

Alise Marie

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