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Petit Déjuner: The Simple Art of French Breakfast

Who says the classics continental breakfast can't be healthy? (Can you see me making the "pffffff" face?) Petit déjuner à la Maison Marie: Fresh, organic fruit, freshly ground café (organic, shade grown, fair trade, yes, yes) unsweetened almond milk, and, of course just-bakes sourdough baguette. When made properly - and by this I do mean Old-World standards - sourdough is naturally gluten free, and I regularly wander out in the early mornings to my favorite little spot before they sell out, gleefully ripping off the end to nibble as I walk back home.

Though please note: If you are gluten intolerant, I am in no way suggesting you start maniacally devouring sourdough bread - do use your sense and try a very tiny bit, consult with your integrative physician, etc..

What's in the pot de confiture? No sugar, fruit-only black currant jam. I love my own chia seed jams the best, but St. Dalfour does very nicely in a pinch.

In the butter cloche? Vegan, coconut oil based, lightly salted European-style butter from Miyokos.





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