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"A lovely end to my day!
I use La Sorcière Bath Soak as a magical concoction to exfoliate my skin before relaxing in it as a bath soak." 
-Ava, Massilon, OH


"So I took a chance and recently purchased La Sorcière Bath Soak and Exfoliant as a holiday gift without really knowing too much about these kind of health and beauty products for women because the packaging is really cool. And… I  really hit the jackpot! She couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased and now it’s turned into her ‘monthly’ purchase. Hands down one of the best ‘girlfriend’ presents I ever bought. Thanks Beauty Witch for making this guy look like a genius!"

-Danny,  Ridgewood, NJ



Presenting La Sorcière...


A divine collection of sensual sorcery for your heavenly body.


The Bath.


Sink onto the sacred waters of the Goddess Bath: channel your creativity, harness your intuition, float between the realms...all as you beautfy your skin and soothe your spirit. This petite ritual prepares you for a powerful day, a restful sleep, or a lusty encounter - it's your choice. Release that which no longer serves, and bring forth all good things in one soak! No bath? This potion is also divine in the shower, mes amis. (Let it sit on your skin a bit before you rinse, you'll thank me.)


3 oz. glass jar is reusable and recyclable. Store in a cool, dry place.



LA SORCIÈRE Bath Soak & Exfoliant

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  • ROSE

    Beloved bringer of beauty and love, and sacred to both Freya and Aprhrodite, exquisite rose provides potent age-delay skincare powers and an opening of psychic awareness. Her magic includes strength that belies her delicate appearance.


    these fruits of Avalon are sacred to Freya and Venus, abundant with the sorcery of love, health, and peace. These juicy ladies provide vitamins A, B, and C, UV protection, help rebuild cells, reduce wrinkles, and keep you vibrant from head to toe.


    Ruled  by the Moon and water, coconut heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it provides beauty fats for supple skin.


    Known as the Queen of the Night, sensual jasmine is an intoxicating aphrodisiac that knows a thing about beauty. Antioxidants  feed the skin from the inside out by reducing fine lines and strengthening  elasticity. 


    This gorgeous pink faerie dust an excellent base that sloughs away old skin beautifully, providing mineral riches and earth power.


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