Presenting La Sorcière...


A divine collection of seductive sorcery for your heavenly body. 


The Facial.


A gorgeous petite ritual for calling in the Feminine Divine: invigorate tired skin by banishing layers no longer useful, then feeding it with gifts of the beauty Goddesses, to reveal irresistably stunning skin that glows with celestial radiance. Sensual, empowering, and highly effective, this treatment can be made bespoke for your skin type by simply adding the nectar of your deisres:


For Oily Skin

Lavender water, spring water, aloe vera


For Sensitive Skin

Almond milk, chamomile tea (cooled), aloe vera


For Dry/Mature Skin

Rosewater, Hibiscus tea (cooled), coconut water


3 oz. glass jar is reusable and recyclable. Store in a cool, dry place.


LA SORCIÈRE Facial Exfoliant & Masque

  • ROSE

    Beloved bringer of beauty and love, and sacred to both Freya and Aprhrodite, exquisite rose provides potent age-delay skincare powers and an opening of psychic awareness. Her magic includes strength that belies her delicate appearance.


    these fruits of Avalon are sacred to Freya and Venus, abundant with the sorcery of love, health, and peace. These juicy ladies provide vitamins A, B, and C, UV protection, help rebuild cells, reduce wrinkles, and keep you vibrant from head to toe.


    Ruled  by the Moon and water, coconut heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it provides beauty fats for supple skin.


    An Ayurvedic classic delivering supreme moisture and nutrition to the skin alongside protection, the humble chickpea is a fabulous gentle exfoliant.


    Venusian vanilla is rich in copper, which helps promote collagen and elastin production. It soothes, protects from environmental stresses, and carries an enchanted scent alongside powerful love and beauty sorcery.

  • Mix one teaspoon with one teaspoon of spring wate ror other liquid (see description above.) Add liquid if needed to achieve a smooth paste - thin enough to spead on the skin, thick enough to stay put. 

    Massage gently in circular motions to exfolate, taking care not to get too close to the eyes. Let it rest on the face for 5-10 minutes while you relax. 

    Saturate a facial cloth in warm water, wring it out, then carefully begin to remove the masque. Wet the cloth again as needed. When the masque is removed, rinse face well with cool water. Pat dry. Apply moisturizer as needed. 

    Avoid getting in your eyes, ingesting, and generally scrubbing your face too roughly. Keep away from children and animals.