"My lunar reading from Alise was invaluable! Her knowledge on my sun and moon traits resonated true with me and I believe will help me avoid future pitfalls. I just adored that she included information on wellness, beauty, style and potions. I'm really looking forward to not only wearing those heavenly scents, but consuming them. And I am definitely incorporating them into my beauty routine! This is not your emerge moon reading! I felt as though a dear friend were talking to me. This is the reading that has been missing from my life!"

-Claudia, Sydney AU




The Moon at your time of birth sets the tone for your emotional body, reigning supreme over how we perceive survival, process emotional responses, our moods and interactions. And, because our feelings inform our responses, our natal Moon affects our wellbeing. 


Delve into the secrets your natal Moon sign will reveal, Beauty Witch style! You will receive a full, personal analysis that explores both your strengths and your shadows, and features tips on  beauty, wellness, and style. 

Lunar Secrets Reading

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  • Full-color downloadable and printable PDF file.

    This is a limited edition pre-order. Your reading will be delivered to your inbox on the next Full Moon. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Orders recieved will be delivered the following month's Full Moon (i.e. an order placed in March will be delivered for the April Full Moon, etc., ) All lunar dates are EST. If you have any questions, please contact alise@thebeautywitch.com.