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Oh yes, mes chérs, here it is: a gloriously glam mojo bag to carry all your beauty magick in, from Beauty Witch potions to cosmetics, crystals, herbs, jewelery, and even a tarot deck if you like. Made in a very limited run, these beauties are crafted of rich, recycled velvet, lined in luxe satin, and secured with a magnetic clasp. Three sections inside keep your treasures from rattling about - they hold your potion bottles gently  in place, and keep your favorite killer lipstick at the ready. Offered in your preference of Noir (black) or Bordeaux (deep red), each is lined in goddess gold and adorned with a filigree crescent Moon fetish. They effortlessly elevate your handbag to bombshell status, and make stunning gifts.

Velvet Mojo Bag

  • Hand wash in mild, plant-powered Castille soap, roll in a towel to remove excess water, and allow to air dry. 

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