Your natal chart is a blueprint for the wise, one that can be referenced for a lifetime to clarify behaviors, understand relationships, and choose the path that is meant for you. I  believe passionately that if we all had certain starry information from an early age, we would have the clarity to take the stress out of so many situations, the ability to avoid the cycles of defaulting to certain patterns, and help crystalizing what can often be murky or misunderstood. But, it's never too late! Shine some starlight on yourself, by getting to know what makes you tick, and why.


Your Natal Secrets is a personal, extensive, and intimate guide to keep in your treasure chest, to be taken out and referenced whenever you need, giving you Smart Witch know-how for life and all its adventures. 


Oh, but its not all intense, chéris! It wouldn't be from me to you if it didn't include sorceress secrets and divine delicacies for beauty, wellness, potions, style, and, of course, le secrets du boudoir...

Your Natal Secrets

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    Merci! xo Alise