Shed Your Skin

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 What does Spring love best? delights of the senses! These manifest in the form of none other than the Cacao God himself, as a sacrosanct offering of love and riches to the Goddess in all her finery. Raw cacao, you see, is a fire-ruled magical beauty food, enhancing mood and stirring sexual desire. Rich in antioxidants, your whole body will love this treasure in its purest form – free of dairy, refined sugars, and additives that drain your energy and your good looks.


Easy, fun, and delightful! Carefully slice the vanilla bean lengthwise, and gently scrape the tiny seeds into the coconut sugar, then add the cacao and oil, and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, breaking up any coconut sugar lumps that may appear. If you prefer, you can always add a little more oil, though I find this amount works well. Mix clockwise, and visualize success coming to you, and bringing all delicious things with it! There’s no reason the journey can’t be pleasurable, yes? Store in an airtight glass jar, and enjoy whenever you need a good, sexy sloughing. Exfoliants clear away old skin and energy, but they also deposit nutrients, so although a Waning-to-New Moon is an optimal time to use them, really, they can work during any lunar phase. What changes is your intention.

Adding to the mélange are the beautifying blend of avocado oil, for its nutrient-rich fats that absorb into your skin for superior moisture and lusty, fragrant vanilla, so rich in copper, which helps to promote collagen and elastin production. Coconut sugar is full of beauty minerals and provides a gentle, yet effective exfoliation.

Beauty Witch Secret: This recipe conjures such a gorgeous gift! Adorn your vessel with fresh or dried flowers secured by a fetching ribbon,

Sacred Spring

Body Exfoliant

Conjures 3-6 treatments

½ cup coconut sugar
1 tablespoon cacao powder
1/3 cup avocado oil
Seeds of one vanilla bean

Originally featured in Enchanted Living magazine,

The Beauty Witch