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Joyeaux Anniversaire! The Beauty Witch Column Turns The Magick Three!


Spellbound Spa


Bewitching Glamour


Beauté Florale


Unfurl your petals, mes amours, and open to the unique beauty that you are, with a few secrets from La Sorcière...

Beauty Secrets of A Forest Nypmh


Awaken, wild things, to the verdant catwalk that is Spring, and learn the secrets only a woodland faerie can tell you...

Sun Goddess


La Lune guides our intuition, grabs hold of our emotions,  but the Sun gives life! Harness this most potent force of the Cosmos and infuse your world with vitality!

The Beauty Witch Column Now In It's Second Year!


Bon Anniversaire! The Beauty Witch is here to bring you another magickal year of potions, brews, elixirs, and stardust! Check out the latest column and Archives...

Celestial Beauty


The new Winter edition of Enchanted Living magazine is on the stands, featuring my Celestial Beauty potions...grab your copy before they disappear into faerie dust!

Gaelic Beauty


Learn the secrets of ancient Scottish witchcraft, and the beauty rituals it inspires...

Beneath The Waves


The new Summer issue of Faerie Magazine features my siren secrets for luminous beauty for sultry moonlit evenings...On sale now!

Elven Beauty


Learn the immortal beauty secrets of the Elves, straight from the source (wink!) in the Tolkien-themed Spring issue of Faerie Magazine!

Your Monthly Survival Guide!


I am over the Moon to announce the premiere of my new column, Luna Beauty! Each month, Beauty Witch secrets are revealed to guide you through, with sensual beauty magick, potions, and rituals in purrfect feline harmony with the lunar and planetary cycles. Indulge your celestial body, my Darlings!

Winter Faerie Beauty!


Be sure to lose yourself in the Winter edition of Faerie Magazine, featuring my Beauty Witch potions and rituals for the season (like this Warming Yuletide Bath, pictured), on the stands now at all Barnes and Noble locations!

New Winter Potions in the Shop!


There are two new, luscious potions in the Beauty Witch online shop, Hot Vanilla and Wild Orange Pomegranate! Both detoxify and feed your skin, keeping you touchable and tasty with amazing organic ingredients, and, as always, some potent magick in the mix...

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