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"Finally, a book that encompasses the true splendor of beauty's magic. This book is a seduction of the senses. Alise truly embodies the spell that beauty has the power to cast, and her innate potion of wisdom is poured onto these pages. This book and its infinite charm will leave you glowing like the full moon, head to toe, and from the inside out."—Mary Lofgren, author of Sacred Seduction, somatic coach, and founder of The School of Sensual Living™

"Alise Marie has created an enchantingly glamorous guide to beauty magic. Sharing her most bewitching mysteries, The Beauty Witch's Secrets showcases the magical art of creating beauty inside and out. Combining elements of self-care and otherworldly glamour, readers will learn recipes and rituals for facial and body treatments, restorative baths, magical martinis, and much more! This is a book for those seeking to live life like a total glam God/dess!"

—Michael Herkes, author of The GLAM Witch, Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care, and Love Spells for the Modern Witch

"Prepare to be enchanted: this comprehensive manual for magickal self-care, rich with intriguing potions and wise advice, is a splendid addition to any woman's beauty library—and it's also great fun to read. Alise makes me want to get out my cauldron and start stirring up these helpful, delicious-sounding beauty recipes."

 - Cait Johnson, author of Witch in the Kitchen and Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging

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US Release 5/8/22

UK/CA/AU Release 6/8/22

"This enchanting book is utterly spellbinding! Alise Marie shares her gift for extracting the essence of powerful plant magic and elevating it into high art. Her unguents, lotions and potions, along with exquisite rituals of self-care, will help every woman look―and feel―more beautiful. Alise Marie is a true beauty alchemist, and her witchy wisdom will weave its spell on you!"


 - ​Rona Berg, bestselling author of Beauty: the New Basics and Fast Beauty

"Beauty expert/goddess Alise Marie has written a tome to be passed on to beauty-seeking, moon-loving daughters everywhere. The Beauty Witch's Secrets is chock full of luxuriant magickal potions and elixirs, rituals and spells, and advice to enchant―and beautify―your everyday life. Reading it is like sipping champagne while soaking in a perfumed bath lined with flowers. A must-have for the most ultra glam witches!"


  - Carolyn Turgeon, editor-in-chief of Enchanted Living Magazine and author of eight books, including Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale

"Every witch deserves a little me time. Alise Marie's complete plant-powered, moon-infused self-care manual seductively and lovingly reveals how to conjure your authentic glamour. This is the book Macbeth's witches sorely needed."


 - Laren Stover, author of Bohemian Manifesto and The Bombshell Manual of Style

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