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M A S T E R C L A S S:

Venus Rising

If you desire to be your most beautiful, 
magnetic, spellbinding self,

this one's for you.

Come to where your sensuality is unleashed,

your beauty is heightened,

and your power grows...

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"Working with Alise has changed my life! This world can be noisy, stressful, and hard, but she has helped to bring back light, beauty, and sensuality to a life that was once lost."

Fiona, Sydney, AU

Do you feel disconnected from your own body?

It's all too easy in this world, to let go of ourselves. The irony is, when we lose touch with our sensuality, and our power, it actually stops us from truly letting go - to grab life and run with it passionatelyRemember when you felt free? It was back before we had any cares in this world, and now there are far too many, it seems. Yet...we have the power to reclaim ourselves. While we cannot change certain aspects of life immediately,
we can change how we feel.
How we ap
pear. And how others respond to us.
answer lies in beauty.

Have you given up on adorning yourself? 

How often do you just rush through your morning, all through the day, and at night, without truly pausing to take care of yourself? Be honest. When was the last time you got dressed up, and felt fabulous? Those stretchy pants have gotten way too comfortable, yes? Having been caught inside a pandemic didn't help, that's for certain, but did it start before that even? Life can give us a kick that keeps us down, and from there, it only gets lazier. And maybe you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. The effort to dress, let alone give any thought beauty as a way of life goes right out the window.
Life loses its luster. It becomes rote. And way less sexy.
The blues settle in, and do you g
et out?
The answer lies in beauty.

Does it feel like you are either rushing,
or just barely dragging your lifeless self around?

When we get to this place, life becomes a blur of either racing from one task to the next like a robot, or trying just to muster the energy to do those tasks. And the cycle continues. Joy seems to abandon us.
And the mere thought of doing anything becomes overwhelming.
But, there is a road back. The answer lies in beauty.

You've come to the right place.

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It is time, mes chéres, to return home.
To the temple of your body.
To worship at the altar of your own divinity.

Sorceress Secrets, revealed.

In this Venus Rising experience, you will learn how to to align with your inner Aphrodite, and bring her to life, to conjure what you need, and to do it with desire.
And have a good time.
Remember fun?



Feel gorgeous in your body,
for every age, shape, and size.
Look your most beautiful.
at every stage of  your life.
Find your glamour.

Make an entrance, anywhere.
Be a fabulous conversationalist.
Draw powerful energy to yo
Revel in your new confidence. 

That dream job.
The purrfect lover and soulmate.
A Lair you love.
Creativity unleashed.

And the abundance to have it all.

Light your cauldron. Conjure your desires.



Cast a spell on yourself.

Show the world how you are to be treated,
d everything is possible.

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Your Venusian Experience

Offerings, placed upon your beauty altar:

A Date With Me.

Your experience begins with 
a 30 minute Private Session, where we have a chat about
love, life, your aspirations, potential blocks, and anything else
that rocks your world. We'll
 chart your course, and have a blast doing it!

A Reading.

Included in your Private Session is a look into the cards, to help you along your path. I employ the deck(s) most aligned with you, for an intuitive, insightful reading that pulls no punches, but offers compassionate advice.

Eight Weeks of
Beauty Magic.

Ahh! Here it is: Eight weeks of video workshop sorcery delivered to your inbox, filled with beauty, wellness, style, movement, glamour, confidence, and empowerment! The video collection is yours to keep, and reference anytime you need a goddess glow-up!

A Private Group.

A gorgeous community "coven" for great conversation, trading tips, and asking questions. I will be checking in daily to answer all posts and have a chat with you!

A Secret Code.

Your immersion into beauty magic, naturally, begets an offering: A discount code for my online Atelier, for you to enjoy The Beauty Witch collection of eco-luxe potions. Your discount also applies to my book, The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The Modern Goddess.

A Petite Guide.

And, last but never least, a little bit more magic at your fingertips! You will receive a full-color printable booklet of recipes, recommendations, and glamourous goodies for reference when you need a little something to inspire...

NEW!*** Access to bonus videos throughout the year!

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"Step into Alise's world and emerge like a nymph
from a bath in a stream."

Adelina, Rome, ITL

The Beauty Witch is in,
and she's casting spells...

Faire des bêtises.jpg

Your hostess is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The Modern Goddess. Alise has been hailed as an expert in green beauty, and featured internationally in magazines, websites, and podcasts. She is a contributor to Enchanted Living magazine, which also hosts her column, The Beauty Witch. 
Alise has been conjuring plant-powered beauty and wellness potions for over 35 years, drawing from knowledge of mysticism, tarot, astrology, holistic nutrition, and ancient medicine traditions.  Adding to her cauldron of glamour, she also has a background in acting, architecture, design, and fashion. Recently, Alise has launched her boutique collection of eco-luxe products, presents live readings, workshops and classes, and has lent her breathy vocals to a few notable indie rock albums.  She currently lives in New York, but shall resume her vagabond ways before long. Stay tuned.

"Alise's wisdom, knowledge, and unique approach make her a delight to work with."

Holly, Los Angeles, CA

Conjuring your cauldron of abundance

Your Investment and Energy Exchange

  • One 45-60 minute private session 

  • An intuitive tarot reading

  • 8 weeks of video beauty magic workshops

  • Private FB group support and networking

  • A discount code in The Atelier

  • A printable booklet of recipes, recommendations, & tips

  • New! Access to bonus videos throughout the year!

$1000 or four payments of $250
Payment options and installment plans available at checkout

Registration is now open.
Space is limited.


Festivities begin the week of May 17th, we revel in the sensuality of the Sun and Venus in Taurus!

And get ready for  your Sexy Sorceress Summer!

Registration closes Friday, May 10th, so be sure to reserve your spot!

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