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"Eau de Fée is a reviving and relaxing scent,
that calms as it uplifts. I love to mist myself in the morning and throughout the day whenever I need a moment to clear my head and recenter myself."

- Judy, London , UK


"Eau de Fée is a magical potion that will transform any room (or yourself!) to a sparkling fairy forest! I love the grounding and calming scent and need to stock up!"

-Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA



Surround yourself in sensual enchantment! Sultry, earthy, empowering Eau de Fée revives your face and body whenever a beauty break is needed, with its powers of stress relief, calming, playfulness, allure,abundance, protection, and clearing. Use it as an effective Lair freshener in your home or office, give your space a spritz while travelling, and, while you're at it, offer that pesky coworker a little spray...under the auspices of doing something nice for them, of course (because, really, aren't you?) Take a moment whenever you need it to visit the forest realm...and return unstoppable.


1 oz. glass mist bottle is reusable and recyclable. Store in a cool, dry place.


Infused with Amethyst. Do not ingest. Keep away from children and  animals. 

EAU DE FÉE Body & Atmosphere Mist

SKU: 217537123517253

    A time-tested Witches herb, vetivert brings luck and abundance, and protects that considerable wealth. Its earthy, lushly wooded aroma calls in the green spirits.


    Known as the Queen of the Night (à la Mab), sensual jasmine is an intoxicating aphrodisiac that knows a thing about beauty. A brilliant flower for reducing fine lines and strengthening skin’s elasticity, jasmine also helps fade scars and hyperpigmentation.


    This beautiful, solar-ruled tree grants protection, abundance, healing, and the capacity for clearing negativity. Its beauty magic keeps skin youthful while soothing, repairing, and protecting from harmful bacteria.


    Venusian vanilla is rich in copper, which helps promote collagen and elastin production. It soothes, protects from environmental stresses, and carries an enchanted scent alongside powerful love and beauty magic.


    This treasured flower eases inflammation, cleanses, and gently clears away negativity (including blemishes) while relieving anxiety, negative feelings, and even restlessness. Its magical gifts include protection, love, and peace.


    ...and AMETHYST crystal gems to soothe the spirit and stregthen the mind!

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