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Introducing a bright new star in The Beauty Witch Collection: Flower Power! A luxe, honeyed nectar conjured from the extracts and essences of potent, exotic petals to infuse your skin with deeply-penetrating nurtrients that feed cells with renewing, regenerating, glow-giving beauty. It is at once lifting, firming, and revitalizing, while easing fine lines and slowing the appearance of new ones. All this in a most sensual and luxurious beauty ritual experience!


Flower Power pairs brilliantly with our favorite Bouclier de Freya: use Flower Power as a facial massage oil that drinks into your skin, then top it all with Freya's protective prowess to lock in skin nutrition and hydration, and keep it there. 


For lovers of oil cleansing, Flower Power also works beautifully as a nourishing first step, as it gently but effectively bathes your skin without depleting it. 


Flower Power features a mélange that includes lilac, peony, orchid, primrose, hibiscus, and neroli in a soothing base of jojoba oil suitable for all skin types.  Each precious bottle carries rose quartz and citrine for love, beauty, magnetism, and the solar-infused power of the season. 






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