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Animal Instincts

Late at night, as I park the car nowhere near my place,

I open the door, my heels landing silently on the pavement.

Something soft brushes up against my leg.

A Cat.

Ready to escort me safely home.

She knows the dark can cloak the desperate,

and she's heard of the recent neighborhood break-ins.

She has always been with me, in one of her many forms.

In the clouds on a moonlit beach,

on a balcony in a foreign land,

speaking to me in my dreams.

Always protecting me.

Always guiding me.

The most amazing time, I think,

was when I was feeling intensely vulnerable in my old house.

I had gone to bed, alone,

but couldn't sleep.

Visions of someone wishing me harm kept coming.

Something about the back of the house...

I got up, and wandered downstairs.

Sensing someone was there, I flicked on the back porch light,

and gasped.

There, in silhouette,

were no less than thirteen cats gathered on my deck,

staring at me,

like a furry street gang,

watching over their queen.

They stayed there, motionless,

until it was clear that I could return to my bed,

and rest,

knowing I was safe.

There are my familiars, in the Lair,

and those who find me,

on the street,

in the wild...

I was at a nature preserve in Montana,

and a mountain lioness was off in the distance, ignoring the onlookers.

I approached the fence to get a look at what they were all staring at.

As soon as I appeared,

she turned,

and slowly made her way towards me,

never lifting her gaze.

People murmured.

They were a little afraid.

I wasn't.

This gorgeous creature stopped as she got closer,

tilted her head, and made those ahhhw sounds that cats sometimes do,

directly to me.

I understood.

Oh, I could tell you stories forever...

about the cats, and the crows, and the snakes,

and when the elephants came in,

and when they left,

and all about the wolves that watch over me,

but I want to hear your stories.

Animal totems are fascinating to me.

We all have them.

I believe we have some that are constant,

and those that come in as needed, for a spell of time,

and those still,

who are everywhere,

just waiting to share what they know,

if only we could listen...

Who are your Animal Guides?

Whisper your tales in my ear,

in the comments below.

xxx Alise

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You won't be too lovely anywhere but Upstairs; in Seventh-Heaven, you'll be a knockout, dear. Follow us to the Son: ☆ ☆ GBY Loveya. Cya soon...

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